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John Wall Fires Back At Dion Waiters: “Make The Playoffs First”

Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters almost disrespectfully shot down Bradley Beal’s best backcourt claim, Waiters obviously feels that he and Kyrie make up the best backcourt duo in the NBA. When Wizards point guard John Wall heard of Waiters comments, he fired back quick with some facts.

Wall says Waiters should be a starter and the Cavs need to make the playoffs before they can talk smack. Via Washington Times:

“[The Cavaliers] haven’t seen a playoff game yet, so when they make one, they can start talking,” Wall said.

Wall proceeded take a dig at the fact that Waiters, who shares a backcourt with Kyrie Irving, only started 24 of the 70 games he played in last season.

“If you’re going to be the best backcourt, you have to start,” Wall said. “This is the year [Waiters is] probably starting, so let’s see if they’re the best backcourt.”

Things just got real in the Eastern Conference. The Wizards take on the Cavaliers on November 21, a lot will be on the line in this matchup.


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