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Jason Kidd On “Shaky Ground” In Milwaukee

We are currently in the era of NBA coaches being fired like it’s nothing. Nobody except Steve Kerr is safe right now. Two summers ago Jason Kidd became the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks and was expected to take a role in the front office in the coming years, however, new reports suggest that Kidd is on thin ice in Milwaukee due to his attitude towards the job.

Kidd and the Bucks ownership are apparently not on the same page which means that the legendary point guard could be on his way out this summer. Via Journal Times:

As for Kidd, ever since his arrival in Milwaukee two summers ago, there have been whispers his coaching tenure wouldn’t be long and that it would only be a matter of time before he moved into the front office.

But I’m told Kidd, who was brought to Milwaukee by one of the team’s tri-majority owners and close friend, Marc Lasry, hasn’t endeared himself to the rest of the Bucks’ ownership group. Some think Kidd’s arrogant, some think his heart isn’t into coaching and are miffed he took off a portion of the season for hip surgery when he could have done it in the offseason. Some, most importantly, question his coaching acumen and his player personal decision-making.

Kidd is still feeling the sting of his ill-fate trade at the 2015 trading deadline when, with the Bucks seven games above .500 and well on their way to the playoffs, he jettisoned Brandon Knight, the Bucks’ best player and well-respected team leader, to Phoenix. The Bucks were never the same. They ended last season seven games under .500. This season, with thankfully just two games to play, they are a whopping 15 games under .500.

I’ve also been told by people close to the Bucks’ situation that Kidd, once the golden boy of the organization, is now on shaky ground. His future with the franchise is clearly cloudy, especially from a coaching standpoint when some highly-regarded and vastly more experienced coaches than Kidd are available. Can you say Tom Thibodeau?

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