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James Harden on Warriors vs Thunder: ‘I Want To See Russ Do His Thing’

    All eyes will be on Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant on Thursday night as the Thunder take on the Warriors in the first matchup between the former teammates. One of the most exciting duos of all-time, Durant and Westbrook had some special moments in OKC. One of those special moments was reaching the 2012 NBA Finals. James Harden, a former teammate of Durant and Westbrook and a member of the 2012 Finalist team weighed in on tonights big game.

    SLAM caught up with Harden earlier today and admitted that he’s excited for the game and that he wants to see Russell Westbrook go off.

    Will James Harden be watching tonight’s highly anticipated Thunder-Warriors matchup?

    “Yeah, I’ll tune in. I’ll see what’s going on. Everybody knows how Russ feels,” Harden told us over the phone with a laugh earlier today, “so I want to see a really good game. I want to see Russ do his thing.”

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