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Jamal Crawford Gets SAUCY and Drops Dimes At Week 1 of The Crawsover Pro Am!!

The Seattle Pro Am, now known as The Crawsover Pro Am opened this past weekend at Seattle Pacific University. Along with the re-branding come a few treats for the hoops fans in the state of Washington as admission into the league is now free, and it is sanctioned by the NCAA, which means that college players will be making appearances all summer. The best part about the new-look Pro Am is their fresh new Adidas uniforms. Jamal Crawford was the highlight of the weekend as he played in a five-on-five game for the first time since the 2017 NBA Playoffs. With Seahawks star Richard Sherman in the crowd, Mal C eased back into action by shaking dudes up and dropping dimes to the young bucks with him. Check out the highlights above.

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