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Jamal Crawford: 32 Points, 5 Assists vs Magic

Jamal Crawford turned in a spectacular performance against the Magic on Saturday night. The 16-year veteran went off for 32 points, 5 assists and made some clutch plays in the fourth quarter to lead the Clippers to a 103-101 win.

Crawford hit his signature 4-point play in the second quarter and got everyone at Staples off their feet. When it comes to getting a shot off, Crawford is still one of the best in the league and his quickness has not diminished at all. It’s so beautiful to see him still taking games over after all these years. Check out the highlights above.

One of our favorite interviews of all-time came this past summer when Crawford sat down with us for an episode of Keeping It Real. One of the most authentic and genuine players in the league, and also one of the most lethal offensive players of his generation.

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