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J.R. Smith Takes Horrible 3-Pointer, Costs Knicks The Game Against Rockets

A few weeks ago Andre Bargnani took a horrible three pointer against the Bucks that almost cost the Knicks the game. Well tonight J.R. Smith took a HORRIBLE three-pointer against the Houston Rockets and it did cost the Knicks the game. The game was tied at 100 in the fourth quarter, with 23 seconds to go in the game Tyson Chandler secured a big rebound and there was no shot clock….J.R. Smith caught a pass and immediately took a three-pointer to try and bury the Rockets, in this situation the Knicks were supposed to have held the ball for the last shot, but Smith’s shot cost them the game.

The Rockets were fouled and won the game 102-100.  The New York Knicks are a mess right now.

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