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IVERSON: Bigger Than Basketball


The universe works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes God puts people on this earth to make an impact that changes the way we think, see and do things. These people are here as a blessing and as a lesson. These figures are destined for greatness, they’re here to do something special.

In the sports world, that figure was Allen Iverson.

The most iconic, most influential and intelligent people in this world are usually the hardest to understand. No matter how many labels you attach next to their name whether they are positive ones or negative, it’s the aura that surrounds them that makes them who they are.

Ten years ago I was on a family vacation to Punjab, India.

At a village inside a third world country, far away from NBA basketball and computer screens, I ran into an 11-year old boy who had no shoes on. His hands were covered in dust. This kid was trying to dribble a plastic ball between his legs on rocks, without shoes. I knew he couldn’t afford them.

As I approached him, my attire had told him that I was a basketball fan.

This kid dropped his ball, washed his hands at a tap, sprinted inside and five minutes later came out wearing a fresh white Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson jersey and an official NBA shooting sleeve.

His home was literally the size of two regular sized bedrooms.

I could tell by the way he stayed near his doorway that he had no desire to wear it outside, he knew it would get messy quick. This kids eyes were full of joy as he received props from me for rocking it.

“IV-ERR-SUN” he said as if he was asking for my approval, which he would get. It was 2005, A.I. was on top of the basketball world. That was the only word of English I heard come out of that kid’s mouth.

Who knew that a young man from Bad News, VA would touch, let alone reach millions and millions of people from all over the world?

Every now and then an athlete arises that forever changes the complexion of professional sports. No basketball player, not even Michael Jordan has had as much of an influence on young athletes as the iconic Allen Iverson.

Look around today’s NBA, even the NFL. You can see Allen Iverson. You can literally feel his impact in every locker room.

It’s incredible when you think about it.

A guy who nearly lost it all, went onto inspire millions of kids around the world and transcended American culture.

Allen Iverson is bigger than the game of basketball.

God put Allen Iverson on this earth to do something epic. We don’t know what that is yet, and we don’t know if he does either.

But one thing is for sure, A.I. wasn’t just put here to simply pack arenas, dominate games with his athleticism and scoring touch, or set trends. Those were just the little pieces of a major puzzle. There is a lot more to it.


Basketball was Iverson’s vehicle. It was his art form. The game is how he expressed himself.

It saved him. It made him a household name and gave him an identity.

But this man was put here to lead a change, to inspire the youth and help society.

He’s been out of the spotlight for five years now. But even when he was in it, he was chilling. There was something about A.I. that made him different from anyone that had ever played the game.

Iverson was an enigma. He still is. He had a mystique to him and still does, and that’s what has kept him relevant well beyond his retirement. He’s much more than just a legendary basketball player.

The most celebrated and scrutinized player in the history of the game is one of the most authentic superstar athletes the world has ever seen. He was true to himself and to those that were loyal to him since day one, the people that God put in his life for a reason.

We may think we know Allen Iverson, but we don’t. Nobody could really figure him out.

It was extremely easy for the media to label him a “street thug”, a “cancer” and a “broke”, but the dude had rhino thick skin, literally. The labels definitely had to have hurt at times, but when God puts these types of people on this earth, he only gives them what they can handle.

Yes, we know Iverson is as real as it gets, we know he’s pound for pound the greatest to ever play this game, we know and have seen the crossovers, the legendary scoring performances, the whole “practice, we talking about practice?!” We know all that.

But that’s all we know.

There hasn’t been a professional athletes as misunderstood is Allen Iverson.

Remember when this guy would be roasted by the media for a million and one different reasons, and only the professional athletes and kids that came from a struggle or a minority background could relate and stick up for him?

He always said it. “There will be a million people that love Allen Iverson and a million more that hate Allen Iverson”. But, he never made excuses. Never.


Through all the scrutiny, A.I. took the punishment and stayed laid back. Truly a stand up dude, even when he tried to change himself for the better, his detractors would find another reason to hate. Folks that watched this man’s career closely will understand how unfair the criticism he received was at times.

He took it, and continued being himself.

At times it got so out of hand, his story was so misinterpreted by the mainstream media that he didn’t even bother defending himself. Iverson knew that it was a battle he would not win.

But, he always teased a film. It was something he spoke passionately about when it came up and something you could tell he couldn’t wait to do. A film that would shake up the masses, a film that would show the world the real Allen Iverson.

After everything Allen went through, all the heat he took, he needed more than just a forced statement in a Philly newspaper to truly explain himself. He needed a masterpiece, a project that would show the human side of Iverson, a project that would lift his people and fans from all around the world.

This film has been years in the making, actually over a decade.

There isn’t a media outlet, director or coach in the world that could tell you who Allen Iverson is. Very few people know.

But, the time has come. Finally, we get an inside look at the trials and tribulations, and the real life story of one of the most iconic figures in American culture.

On May 16th, 2015, ‘IVERSON’ will premiere on Showtime.

A story that will open your eyes.

For anyone that didn’t know who Allen Iverson was and what he was about, for anyone that swore they knew who he was, this is going to be a MUST watch.

From what we have heard, this is an epic film that will have an impact on people from all walks of life, not only athletes but anyone that has gone through any type of adversity in their life.

One of the people who truly understand Allen is his lifelong mentor/manager Gary Moore, the man that has been with Allen every single day since day one.

Moore had inside access to Allen’s life throughout his entire NBA career, footage that nobody has seen or read about. Nobody can help tell this story better than him. Moore, along with filmmaker Zatella Beatty have teamed up with Showtime to bring to us that film that A.I. told us about years ago.

A true story. A story that will move you and your children, a story that will open your eyes and motivate you to not just be great in sports, but in all aspects of life.

A story that will be told from by one of the most wise and most intelligent men to ever play pro sports. That’s right, wise and intelligent and as tough as nails too.

It doesn’t get more authentic than this. After all those years of having people tell him and his fans who he was, “The Answer” will get to tell the world his real story. The only one that ever mattered.

It’s about damn time.


  1. David Rowell

    May 13, 2015 at 10:42 am

    By far the best Allen Iverson piece I’ve ever read. So stoke for this premier.

  2. Edwin Castillo

    December 10, 2015 at 6:25 am

    Mad props to the person who wrote this. True A.I fan here.

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