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Isaiah Thomas: Triangle Offense Doesn’t Work Without Kobe, Shaq or MJ

    The Celtics were in New York to take on the Knicks last night and Isaiah Thomas got a chance to weigh in on Knicks new head coach Jeff Hornacek who was his coach during his time with the Suns.

    Thomas made an interesting statement when he said that he feels like the triangle offense that Hornacek will pretty much have to experiment with this season probably won’t work. IT feels like you it’s just a hard offense to run if you don’t have Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Shaquille O’Neal on your team. Via NY Daily News:

    “I just think if you don’t have Kobe or Shaq or Michael Jordan, the triangle doesn’t work,” the Celtics All-Star told the Daily News.

    Thomas has faith that his former coach will figure things out in New York.

    “He’ll figure it out, even if he does do it a little bit. I see they’re trying to run it every now and then,” said Thomas, who torched the Knicks in four games last season while averaging 26.8 points and 7.5 assists. “I mean, it might work. Just hopefully not against us.”

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