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Isaiah Thomas: ‘I Will Be Back Dropping 30 Points a Night’ 

Isaiah Thomas won’t be able to lace up for the new look Cavs till around January but he says that his rehab is going well and when he is 100 percent we can expect him to get back to his 30 PPG ways. Skip to the 1:47 mark in the interview below.

When a team is led by LeBron James and surrounded by as much star power as the Cavs currently are you can expect to see a dip in everyones individual numbers, and the chances are nobody on the squad will average 30 a night. IT is a smart dude and he knows this, so don’t take this too seriously.

“I’ve been around a great staff these last three or four weeks with the Cleveland Clinic and the staff here with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“We’ve been hands-on six days a week—taking Sundays off—and we’re getting after it.

“I’m excited because I know soon enough I will be 100 percent and back dropping 30 points a night and helping this team win games.”

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