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REPORT: Chris Bosh May Be Forced Into Medical Retirement

Some heartbreaking reports are coming out of Miami as the Heat are in fear of star forward Chris Bosh never getting to play in the NBA again due to his medical condition.

The future Hall of Famer has been out since All-Star break due to blood clots which occurred for the second straight season. This is a scary condition and now the Heat have to address a few options. Bosh needs all types of clearance to play again and the Heat need to make some moves this offseason. Via ESPN:

Between now and this fall, Bosh and the Heat are going to have to reach a decision about what to do about his future. And there may end up being a complex and gut-wrenching disconnect between heart and mind.

There is a fear within the Heat organization that Bosh’s condition will prevent him from ever being cleared to play by team doctors, several sources said. It’s a result of exhaustive consultations with specialists. Something this big and delicate, the sides have gone deep attempting to understand all the options.

It’s forced everyone to confront the possibility of Bosh ultimately being forced into a medical retirement.

This is an unpleasant reality the sides have wrestled with for months while trying to focus on the team. But league rules and the Heat’s situation may end up causing it to come to a head as the Heat enter the summer needing to make roster plans.

Such as, do the Heat need to spend some of their $40 million in cap space on signing a center to be their starter in place of Bosh long term. A player like now-free agent Hassan Whiteside, for example.

This is a very disturbing situation and our thoughts and prayers are with Bosh and his family. We hope to see him on the court again, but his long-term health is much more important.

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