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REPORT: Heat May Wait Till After March 1 To Waive Chris Bosh

    There is a ton of friction between the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh and it’s looking like it could get uglier. Bosh is fielding interest from multiple NBA teams, majority of them are contenders. However, the Heat are reportedly planning on waiting till after March 1 to waive Bosh so that he won’t be eligible to play for another team in the postseason.

    Though the Heat may come across as evil for doing this, there is actually a legitimate financial reason for it. Check out the details below via ESPN:

    The most likely course of action as of now in this murky, sad situation, per sources all around it: The Heat wait until after March 1 to waive Bosh so that he is not eligible to appear in the postseason for any team that signs him. At that point, Bosh’s mammoth salary would vanish from Miami’s cap sheet, freeing Riley to plop his rings in front of one or two stars this summer.

    Bosh wants to play, and some team will absolutely sign him for the minimum — even if it’s just for this season. Bosh is still going to get all of his money from Miami, and suitors will try to coax him into signing through 2017-18.

    That is Miami’s financial nightmare: The Heat spend a gazillion on free agents this summer, and Bosh plays at least 25 games elsewhere in 2017-18 — at which point, NBA rules require his salary nestle back atop Miami’s cap number. That could send the Heat flying into luxury tax hell. Miami hasn’t found a middle ground that would allow it to waive Bosh and proceed with financial certainty. Bosh is under no obligation to provide them with one.

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