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Gary Payton: Steph Curry Shouldn’t Have Been an Unanimous MVP

Gary Payton is the latest legend to have a beef with Stephen Curry being voted as the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. The Glove says that LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard should have received first place votes as well and that James is still the best all-around player in the world.

Payton explained that Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Larry Bird were all clearly unanimous MVP’s at one point in their careers, but they didn’t get that honor and so Curry shouldn’t have either. Via Bay Area News Group:

“People have to understand we don’t have an issue with Stephen Curry,” Payton told SiriusXM. “Stephen Curry doesn’t vote for himself. You had 131 people that voted for him. I’ve got an issue with them.”

“We forgot Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points and 30 rebounds,” Payton told SiriusXM. “You didn’t think he was a unanimous decision? Who else ever did that and scored 100 points in one game? And he didn’t even win it (in 1962). That’s what I’m trying to say. You look at Michael Jordan. When they set the record at 72-10 in 1996, he didn’t get all the votes. So you’re trying to tell me these reporters or whoever’s voting that you and them guys back then, they didn’t know that he was a unanimous decision? Don’t blame that on Stephen Curry. Blame that on them reporters.”

“If you look at LeBron, what he does for his team, he does everything,” Payton said. “I still think he’s the best all-around basketball player. As we say, Stephen Curry was the best player this year but I’m saying all-around – who gives you assists, who gives you rebounding, who gives you points, who does a lot of things for his team to have it? If you take LeBron off that team, I don’t think Cleveland is a good team like that. If you Curry off of it, uh, right now I don’t know. They probably would win games. They wouldn’t have won 73, but they would win a lot of basketball games.”

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