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Flashback Friday:Tracy McGrady Scores 51 Points vs Rookie Carmelo Anthony

For those of you that watched last nights “Kobe Up Close” might have caught Bryant say that Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady especially was the toughest player he ever played against.

Some of you new school kids may be shocked to hear this because the last time you saw T-Mac he was on the Spurs bench all post season. T-Mac was a PROBLEM. In his prime he is one of the most unstoppable forces the NBA had ever seen, standing at 6 foot 8, 220 lbs, QUICK, STRONG, LONG and could SCORE better than anyone. T Mac averaged 32, 6 and 7 and won the scoring titles in 2002-03 and 2003-04.

Injuries may have ended his career early but in his prime Tracy McGrady was one of the greatest players the league had ever seen.

Check out this Flashback Video to T-Mac Dropping 51 points on a rookie Carmelo Anthony in 2003-04:

Credits to Pennyccwai for the video.

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