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Fights Break Out In Warriors vs Clippers Game On Christmas Day

The Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers are becoming a rivalry, these two teams do not like each other at all. Every time they have met this season we’ve been treated to a good game of basketball and we’ve seen the two teams get into scruffles. Tonight the bad blood between these two was taken to another level.

The Warriors won the game 105-103, it was an intense game and there was a playoff atmosphere in Oracle Arena. Chris Paul finished the game with 26 points and 11 assists, Paul took the game over down the stretch, however the Warriors held off the Clippers.

Things started getting heated when Draymond Green elbowed Blake Griffin in the neck, Green was ejected from the game and Blake was given a technical.


Than at the beginning of the fourth quarter Andrew Bogut and Blake Griffin got into a scruffle in which Bogut tangled Blake up hard….this was Blake’s second technical and he was ejected from the game! 

After the Warriors escaped with the win and the final buzzer rang things got taken to a whole nother level! A fight broke out between Chris Paul and Andrew Bogut…this lead to Warriors coaches Mark Jackson, Lindsey Hunter and Brian Scalabrine being involved and it appears that Hunter and Scalabrine actually took hits! Matt Barnes shoved Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson came running out of no where ready to brawl.


The league is definitely going to be handing out fines and suspensions for this. This Warriors-Clippers rivalry is going to be a fun one to watch, imagine these two going at it in a seven games series during the Playoffs! It is very possible.

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