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#FBF – Rookie Derrick Rose: 36 Points, 11 Assists in Playoff Debut vs Celtics

Derrick Rose is one of the few old school guards left in today’s NBA. He’s street, grimy, always in attack mode and super athletic. His attitude is reserved, you won’t see him dancing or smiling all up in the camera unless he means it. The dude is authentic as they come. Rose, just like Russell Westbrook represents the wave of guards that followed the Michael Jordan era in the early 00’s.

For this week’s #FlashbackFriday we take a look back at a Derrick’s playoff debut against the defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics in 2009. At the time Rose was just 20-years-old and was coming off an impressive rookie campaign in which he was named Rookie of the Year.

The No.1 pick in the 08 Draft, Rose showed the world who he was and who he could become with a dominant 36 point, 11 assists performance in Game 1 to lead the Bulls over the Celtics. It’s incredible, think about how young he was at the time and look at the plays he was making. He looked like a seven-year veteran at that point, the Celtics literally had no answer for him.

He tied Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar record for most points in a playoff debut with 36 as he carried the Bulls over a dominant and experienced Boston squad.

This performance kicked off one of the greatest playoff series in NBA history and marked the moment D.Rose became a star in the league.

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