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FBF: Kobe Bryant Outscores The Mavericks 62-61 Through Three Quarters

Flashback Friday Video: It feels like just last week, 8 years ago today Kobe Bryant, at the peak of his abilities did something that is often overlooked and forgotten. The Black Mamba outscored the entire Dallas Mavericks team 62-61 through three quarters by himself! This wasn’t just any Mavericks team, this team went all the way to the NBA Finals that season.

As hard as it may be to accept for some Kobe fans, we may be witnessing the end of Bryant’s career. But performances like this should never be forgotten, Bryant in his prime was arguably the greatest force in the history of basketball. This is the same season Bryant scored 81 points against the Raptors, the Lakers won 112-90 and Kobe Bryant sat out the entire fourth quarter. He out scored a team!


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