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#FBF – Allen Iverson Drops 58 Points on the Rockets (2002)

On January 15, 2002, Sixers guard Allen Iverson who was the NBA’s reigning MVP at the time went off for 58 points against the Houston Rockets. This was the second highest scoring total of the iconic guards career. In a battle of two of the NBA’s best players, Iverson got the best of Steve Francis.

Rumor has it that Iverson was partying out in Philly till the early morning and didn’t really get much sleep leading into this game. If that is true, it goes to show how insanely gifted this dude was.

Though he was only 6-feet tall, there is only a handful of guys that could take games over like A.I. did. Check out some of the best scoring performances of his career below.

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