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#FBF – Allen Iverson Drops 51 Points on Kobe Bryant, Lakers (2007)

One of the most underrated and forgotten rivalries in NBA history is the one between Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. These two legends always brought the best out of each other when ever they went at it.

As far as individual stats go Allen usually got the best of Kobe in their head-to-head battles, but Kobe’s Lakers usually came away with the win. These two had some of the most exciting battles and they loved competing against each other.

One of the greatest Iverson performances of all-time came when he was a member of the Denver Nuggets and scored 51 points to go with 8 assists against the Lakers. This game took place back in 2007. Iverson was 32-years old at the time and actually looked better than ever because of his efficiency.

The Lakers were yet to acquire Pau Gasol and Kobe was the best scorer in the world with A.I. and Melo right behind him for the number two and three spots.

A.I. barely missed in this game, and 49 of the 51 points actually came through the first three quarters. The crowd was on fire the whole game. Kobe ended up going off in the fourth quarter and the Lakers came away with a win.

It’s crazy to think that two years later Allen was out of the league. Check out this electrifying performance in the video above.

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