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Fat Joe Says Mike Bibby Once Choked Him Out Over Kicks

    During a Facebook Live with Sole Collector, rapper Fat Joe told a funny story about the time he went to Mike Bibby’s house and went to his famous guest house full of sneakers and started taking some of the most exclusives and putting them in his duffle bag.

    Bibby who is known as one of the biggest sneaker heads in NBA history has a rare collection of PE’s, joints the world has never seen. Joe Crack who is good friends with the retired point guard says Bibby was furious that he started taking his shoes and things got physical.

    “Mike Bibby’s my brother, he’s been my brother for 15 years,” Fat Joe says. “Nobody’s got more sneakers than Mike Bibby. That’s a fact. Mike Bibby has a house for sneakers. Fuck a room. A full fuckin’ house. A guest house. It’s just disgusting.”

    “Mike Bibby literally yoked me up,” says Fat Joe. “I think he had a drink or two that day, and he don’t really drink like that.”

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