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Dwyane Wade Says He Is The Best Shooting Guard In The League

Dwyane Wade is considered by many a top three shooting guard of all-time, he has accomplished a lot throughout his 11 year NBA career and is a future first ballot Hall Of Famer. However, these past few years, there has been a belief among NBA fans and media that Dwyane Wade is on the decline.

Heading into the 12th season of his career, Wade remains very confident in his abilities and says that when he is healthy, he is the best shooting guard in the NBA.

As per Bleacher Report: 

“I want to continue to add to being one of the best players at my position in the game,” Wade said. “I’ve been put in the category of great players, and I want to hold up to that, whatever that is. But I want to be able to showcase it for as long as God allows me to.”
When Wade is physically right, are any better?

“No,” Wade said. “When I’m right, there are players at my position that are probably more athletic than me. There are players at my position that can probably shoot threes better than me. That can do individual things. But when I’m right, overall, just like I’ve been the last few years, I mean, I can be a dynamic player.

“It’s unfortunate that, consistently, that last couple years, I haven’t been able to be that. But I’m not going to stop working to get there. I’m going to put all my efforts toward doing it. Because the moments where I feel, ‘Oh, it feels so right,’ it feels so good.”

We never believed for one second that D-Wade had lost a step. Many point Wade’s decline to having logged a lot of minutes throughout his career, his reckless style of play, he has suffered many injuries and a few career-threatening ones too, so there is reason to believe that he has slowed down a bit, but he hasn’t got a chance to carry a team on his own for four years now.

Wade’s stats taking a hit these last few years may have a lot to do with playing in LeBron James shadow. This season we will find out just how much the former NBA Finals MVP has left in the tank, he is going to be the number one option in Miami again and will be counted onto lead the Heat deep into the playoffs.

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