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Doc Rivers on Kevin Durant: ‘He Lost, And Then He Joined

As widely expected when he made the decision to join the Warriors, Kevin Durant will be back in the NBA Finals on Thursday. In what has been a very predictable year and postseason, Durant created a new superpower in the NBA by joining Steph Curry and company in the Bay and literally cake walked to the Finals. This move did not sit well with many NBA players and coaches and that is a big reason for why so many people are probably hoping that the Cavs defeat the Dubs in this years Finals.

Clippers head coach and team president Doc Rivers is the latest to express his disdain for Durant’s decision. The former NBA Champion says anybody that is competitive did not like to see KD lose to the Warriors, just to join them in the summer. Via Sporting News:

Durant signing with Golden State followed a recent trend of players creating perceived “Super Teams” where All-Star caliber players all go to one spot in an effort to bring home a title. When asked about this trend Tuesday on “Mike & Mike,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he has a problem with it as a competitor.

“It is tough when you see a guy join a team — in Durant’s case what he did this year. That was tough for anybody, anybody that’s competitive, to watch. He lost, and then he joined. Having said that, it was his choice, I have no problem with him, but it’s something from a competitive standpoint, you would think you wouldn’t do.

“I have no problem with him doing it, it’s just something from a competitive point, for me, I guess when I played it would have been tough for me to join Detroit. Having said that, he has the ability to do it, guys are doing it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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