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Dirk Nowitzki: NBA Players Today Care More About Money And Winning Than Loyalty

During a guest appearance on the Siriux XM NBA Podcast, future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki made an interesting statement saying that the business of the NBA has changed to the point where players today care more about money and winning than loyalty now. Dirk is as loyal as any star athlete comes, he has played his entire career with the Mavs and brought them incredible amounts of success in the process. However, this is just a few weeks after the Celtics traded the face of their franchise Isaiah Thomas away after a heroic season in which he gave them his blood, sweat and tears.

It’s almost hard for people to disagree with Dirk because the lack of loyalty he is talking about would technically be from both side (owners and players). Transcribed below via SLAMOnline:

“I think I’m old school. I think a lot of the stars now are obviously younger, and the business has changed a bit.” […]

“The new NBA is a little different. It’s about making money and winning and not as much about being loyal anymore.”

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