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Diet Formula To Gain Weight For Basketball

Unless a player is underweight, we rarely train them to put on size. Majority of our athletes are training to get stronger, faster, quicker, and more explosive. Putting on weight and getting stronger are two totally different things, and they require different types of training and eating patterns. For the most part, we are against basketball players “bulking up” in the off-season, but we know very well there are exceptions.

There comes a time where a skinny bastard is just going to have to put some damn mass on their lanky frame if they want to be effective and achieve their basketball goals. For example: a 6’8, 160 lb power forward is going to HAVE TO bulk up if they want to go onto play college basketball. In today’s game, the front court positions require a player to have a good combination of size, strength and athleticism to be a dominant force. If you are an underweight player in the post, you’re toast. Some players will need to beef up in the off-season, simply because they are way too skinny. There are healthy ways to go about this “bulk up” phase for those players that really do need it.

To get BIG, you have to eat BIG!

To get BIG, you have to eat BIG!

It will take a lot of hard work and a lifestyle change to put on weight for basketball. You may have to work twice as much as other players.

Aside from just lifting and getting stronger, skinny players will need to be consuming a lot more calories,  at times they may even have to force feed themselves.

There are too many skinny hoopers out there these days that know they need to put on weight, however, they aren’t doing the right things to make it happen. The most popular way basketball players try to put on weight is by going on a shi*tty bodybuilding routine and destroying their muscles in the gym five times a week thinking they will become LeBron James or Dwight Howard. Some players think they are eating a lot but they aren’t, they haven’t understood and broken past their limits yet.

If a player is underweight, we use the formula below to calculate how many calories they will need to consume each day to be able to gain weight. Simply put, if you want to gain weight then you are going to have to eat a whole lot of food! 60% of gaining weight is just the diet itself. We are not going to tell you what to eat and how to eat it and what time to eat it, NEVER be a robot! We also realize that it is very difficult for young players to avoid fast food meals, sodas and other junk food, it’s almost inevitable, players will end up going to fast food restaurants. You just have to be smart with it.

Remember, don’t be robots! Do what works best for you and apply our training principles and tips and you will see results. But, understand that this isn’t a dirty bulk, were trying to put healthy size on our basketball players so they can be dominant during their school and AAU seasons.

Below is a weight gaining diet formula that you need to use if you want to put on some quality size. This is very very important for you to follow and has helped put weight and mass on many hard gainers! If you combine this diet formula with our weight training programs you will see a big difference in strength and size gains.

It’s simple:

-Grab a calculator.
-Take your bodyweight in pounds(lbs) and multiply it by 20.
-The number you get is how many calories you will need to consume per day!

Example: If you weigh 160 lbs,

160 x 20 = 3,200 calories per day.


You than have to separate these calories, the calories should come from:

– 60% Carbohydrates.
– 30% Protein (try to consume 1 – 1.5 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day)
– 10% Fats.

This is quite a big diet! So don’t wake up at 2 pm and try to cram all this in, you’ll get sick. Wake up before 12 pm everyday, have a big breakfast and space your meals throughout the day, don’t force the food down! Fill up with a meal, have a snack a few hours later, your next meal should be when you are starting to get hungry. A good simple format for this is: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and maybe even a protein shake before you go to bed (if you are really skinny).

You will have to have big meals and get the daily intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats listed above. You don’t have to get the exact amount but try to be close to it!

The one supplement we do recommend in this training program is a Whey Protein Powder, it is totally worth it and will really help you throughout this workout. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day and make sure you are getting at least 7 hours sleep!

If you consistently follow this diet while you are lifting weights consistently than you will gain healthy weight fast. Remember, you’re doing this so you can be a dominant force on the basketball court, this formula will only work if you are playing basketball five times a week and lifting four times a week. If you are just planning on sitting on the couch for two months while packing on the calories, then you will be sitting on the end of the bench when the season starts because all you did was build extra body fat during the off-season.

Make sure you get on the court and work on your skills everyday and get in the weight room or on the field and work on your strength, athleticism and conditioning throughout the week while following this eating formula.

At times you may find your self skipping meals, or eating a lot of junk food…. that’s when you ask yourself how badly you want to be great.

If you want to achieve your goals on the court or anywhere in life, it will take a whole lot of discipline and hard work.  Get out of your comfort zone.

Go eat!


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