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Derrick Rose Went to Chicago to Deal With Family Matter, Fined By Knicks For Missing Game

Derrick Rose went M.I.A. on the Knicks last night, and for a while, nobody could get a hold of him. The Knicks were so concerned they sent someone to his apartment in New York to find him. After the game, Joakim Noah revealed that he had spoke to Rose and that he was okay.

This morning we learned that Rose, who is reportedly struggling with being away from his son PJ, flew back to Chicago to deal with a family matter and that last nights absence was not a boycott. The former MVP was at the Knicks practice and will be in uniform for tomorrow nights game against the Sixers. With his future in doubt with the Knicks and free agency coming up this summer, this is a very important year for Rose.

Head coach Jeff Hornacek said “everything will become clear later on” when asked about Rose’s absence. The Knicks have also fined the 28-year-old for missing last nights game. Via ESPN:

Knicks point guard Derrick Rose went missing from the team Monday without permission but later reached team officials, telling them he had a family situation and had returned to his hometown of Chicago, sources told ESPN.

He was back at the team facility Tuesday.

Rose missed Monday night’s loss to the Pelicans, and the Knicks had grown concerned enough earlier to check on him at his apartment, sources said.

Publicly, the reasons remained a mystery after the game, with coach Jeff Hornacek saying “everything will become clear later on” and teammate Joakim Noah saying Rose was OK.

“I mean, I don’t really want to talk too much about it because I don’t really know what the situation is,” said Noah, who has played with Rose since 2008 as his teammate in Chicago before coming to New York along with Rose prior to this season. “Obviously Derrick is one of our better players. And when he is not here it is tough. But I am just happy that everything is OK with him.”

When asked if Rose’s health is OK in light of his absence, Noah replied, “Yeah. He’s OK … I think it’s a relief for all of us.”

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