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Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan and James Harden Star In New Footlocker Ad

Beginning this weekend Footlocker will be celebrating it’s annual Week of Greatness, the hottest shoe releases of the holiday season will be dropping everyday throughout the week along with fresh new apparel. This has Footlocker customers and people all around the world very excited, even NBA stars are hyped for the Week of Greatness.

Adidas athletes Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose star in the hilarious new Footlocker ad as they anticipate the week ahead. Duncan and Rose are two of most reserved stars in the NBA, these two let their game do the talking, there is a perception among NBA fans that Tim Duncan is a boring dude, check out his hilarious reaction when D.Rose tells him about the week of greatness.

Duncan wasn’t the only one poking fun at himself in the new Footlocker ad’s. Rockets star and Nike athlete James Harden who has a reputation of being a poor defender got “defensive” when a fan asked him if he was going to go to the Week of Greatness.

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