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DeAndre Jordan Snapchatted Doc Rivers Son About Returning to Clippers

After signing an offer sheet with Mavs, DeAndre Jordan had a quick change of heart realizing he made a mistake and began telling people in the Clippers organization he wanted back in.

One of the people Jordan reached out to was Doc Rivers son, Spencer. Apparently DJ snapchatted Spencer saying “tell your dad to call me”.

All this led to the Clippers heading over to DeAndre’s home in Texas and staying there till he officially re-signed.

It’s crazy how social media is having such an affect on happenings around the NBA, especially free agency. Via SI:

“DeAndre thought about leaving, but right away, he knew he wanted to come back,” said Rivers. “He even Snapchatted my youngest son Spencer. He had told two or three people he’d made a mistake [after signing the offer sheet with Dallas], but the Snapchat said, ‘Tell your dad to call me.’”

“That was the day with the emojis [on July 9]. We were just sitting in his house, his mom was making food, and we were watching the Summer League games. I didn’t know about any of that emoji stuff, or that Blake [Griffin] had one with a chair blocking the door, but at the end of the day, DJ changed his mind.”

We caught up with DeAndre this summer and talked to him about a number of things. Check it out.

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