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DeAndre Jordan Receives Dunk Contest Invite

The NBA approached Clippers center DeAndre Jordan Friday night about being being in the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest in New Orleans next month. However, Jordan hasn’t commit just yet….the 7 footer said he has hopes of making the All-Star game before he decides. Jordan’s chances to get selected as a front court player in the West are looking slim, as of now we don’t know if Jordan will accept the dunk contest invite if he isn’t an All-Star.

As per LA Times:

DeAndre Jordan wants to be in the All-Star game as a participant, not just as a dunker.

So when NBA officials approached the Clippers’ center before Friday’s game about being in the dunk contest, Jordan told them what his true wish was.

“I just told them I wanted to see what happens,” Jordan said. “I’m not trying to disrespect them. But I want to be in the All-Star game as a player and not just as a dunker.”

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