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Charles Barkley Say Warriors Play ‘Girly Basketball’

    Charles Barkley still does not think much of the Golden State Warriors. Despite G-State going to two straight NBA Finals and clearly being a step ahead of majority of their competition, Barkley is not sold on their style of play. During last nights TNT NBA Tip-Off, the former MVP basically that he’s not a fan of the Warriors because they play “girly basketball”. Chuck also feels that the Warriors are not the best team in the Western Conference.

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    1. Arlene Nunez

      December 2, 2016 at 1:37 pm

      Charles Barkley needs to stay current. His views and opinions almost always compares today’s basketball vs the basketball of old. He does not see that you cannot compare apples to oranges just like comparing Michael Jordan to Lebron James. TNT needs to get rid of him as he never makes any sense when he speaks or comments about something. Ernie, Kenny and Shaq always says, Charles never answers any of the questions, he always veers from answering them and only interjects his screwed up viewpoints

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