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The Cavs Kept Rewatching Game 7 of NBA Finals All Summer

    Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals could arguably be the greatest game in the history of the league. It had it all. The Cavs came out on top in an absolute classic that will be remembered for ages.

    As crazy as it was to watch from a fan and media perspective, you can only imagine the emotional roller coaster the players were on during that game and especially at the end. This is probably a game that is hard for the Warriors to rewatch, but the Cavs couldn’t help but repeatedly rewatch the thriller in which they triumphed this summer.

    Kyrie Irving and LeBron James talked about the historic game during media sessions at training camp. Via ESPN:

    The 2016-17 season is officially open, but the Cavs are still savoring their championship, specifically by repeatedly rewatching their historic upset victory in Oakland on June 19. They rewind the Kyrie Irving 3-pointer that broke the tie, they play the LeBron James block of Andre Iguodala in slow motion, and they half laugh, half well up when seeing Kevin Love move his feet like he’d never moved them before in defending Steph Curry. And then they tell each other about it.

    “I was rewatching the games and talking to my teammates about it, sending them snapchats of me watching,” Irving said. “I got chills. My stomach was dropping knowing the ball is going in but knowing exactly, emotionally how I felt at the time. It still gets me excited thinking about it. It’s such a huge moment for not only Cleveland but our team, our families, our friends.”

    “I’ve seen it a few times,” James said. “It was on NBA TV throughout the summer. I watch it from a fan’s perspective. I see what we could’ve done better, but I also watch it for enjoyment, to see those three zeros on the clock.”

    “That moment will never be forgotten,” James said. “It will go down in history. I always look forward. I try not to dwell in the past. There are going to be so many challenges for us. We have to be mentally focused. And we will.”

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