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Carmelo Anthony More Likely To Go To Chicago Bulls than L.A.


It is being reported that the Chicago Bulls are a much more likely destination for Carmelo Anthony then the Lakers or Clippers. Melo dropped 62 points last night setting a Knicks record and MSG record, this performance came in one of the toughest seasons of Melo’s career, he has made it clear that he is one of the best players in the league and he wants to win now.

Carmelo just put the Knicks in a tough spot, the list of guys that can put up 60 points in a game is very very small (3 players) it is very hard for a team to trade a player away like that. But the Knicks may have to. There is a good chance that Melo could be done with the Knicks in the off-season if they don’t make the playoffs, earlier this month it was reported the Melo’s wish list included the Lakers, Clippers or Bulls  and now there are reports that the Bulls are a much more likely destination then the Clippers or Lakers.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The losing, the decaying roster, has inspired ‘Melo to consider closely the possibilities of free agency this summer. WIthin the past several weeks, a longtime confidant of Carmelo Anthony confesses, something changed. Never did he believe there was a chance Anthony would leave the New York Knicks – never the Madison Square Garden stage, never the $129 million contract extension.

Only now, the gloom of the Knicks’ season – the uncertainty of the franchise’s future – left that man to believe it’s possible Anthony could leave New York in free agency.

“Chicago is much more in play for him than L.A.,” the source said.

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