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Carmelo Anthony Admits Chicago Bulls Were The ‘Perfect’ Fit For Him

The biggest name in the free agency of 2014 other than LeBron James was his good friend Carmelo Anthony. There were many reports earlier this year that had a frustrated Melo pretty much done with the Knicks, ready to join the Chicago Bulls in the off-season. Many felt the situation in Chicago was by far the best for Anthony and his future, we even picked the Bulls as the best free agency destination for the seven-time All-Star back in May.

Ultimately, Melo decided to sign with the Knicks on a massive five-year, $129 million deal.  With the Knicks sitting at a disappointing 4-13 to start the 2014-15 season and Anthony out with a back injury, many folks are criticizing him for taking the money over a chance to win a championship in Chicago.

A behind-the-scenes of Anthony’s free agency tour from this off-season will air on the MSG Network on Tuesday. In the show Anthony admits that the Bulls were the “perfect” fit for him basketball-wise, but he didn’t want to leave New York.

Via NY Post:

During the program titled, “Carmelo Anthony: Made In NY,’’ Anthony emphatically states it came down to the Knicks and Bulls. The show depicts Houston falling out of the running because of the “culture change’’ of living in Texas and the Lakers losing out because they were in a similar, rebuilding situation to the Knicks.

“It came down to Chicago and New York,’’ Anthony said during the program. “Chicago was the one from Day 1 [and] was something I was very impressed with. They were looking for someone like me to come in and take them to the next level. So it was perfect.

“It was a perfect setup and perfect fit for me in Chicago. But also I had to think about just living in Chicago. Do I want to live in Chicago? Do I want to take everything I created in New York and move all of that? It came down to that. But there was one point in time I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going.’’

“Although it does look greener on the other side, it’s not always greener on the other side,’’ he said. “It’s only couple of people in each genre who are made for New York. Whether it’s music, fashion, or sports. I’ve grown up on that concrete. There is nothing that could happen there that I wouldn’t know how to handle it.


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