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How Far Can James Harden and D12 Take The Rockets?

With a happy and motivated Dwight Howard, perhaps the 2nd best shooting guard in the league who


With a happy and motivated Dwight Howard, perhaps the 2nd best shooting guard in the league who is still getting better in James Harden, a solid point guard rotation in Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly and Aaron Brooks, the addition of role players Omri Casspi, Francisco Garcia and Marcus Camby the Rockets have elevated their roster tremendously this off season. So how far can they go?

Last season the Rockets finished as 8th seed in the regular season and took the Westbrook-less OKC Thunder to 6 games, they made a huge move in the off season and shook up the Western Conference by signing the games best big man in Dwight Howard. They now have two young superstars, James Harden who will be turning 24 this off season hasn’t even reached his prime yet and was the 5th leading scorer in the league last season. Harden was selected to his first All-Star appearance, All-NBA 3rd Team and averaged 25.9 ppg, 5.8 apg and 4.9 rpg. The 2013-14 season could be Harden’s best year because of the attention Dwight Howard will be demanding from teams a lot of nights James Harden’s job will be a lot easier, he will get more open looks and teams can no longer make defensive strategies designed to stop only James Harden because they now have another superstar to worry about. Some already say that James Harden is the 2nd best shooting guard in the league behind Kobe Bryant, with Kobe injured and possibly missing games next season Harden may even take the top SG in the league spot and don’t be surprised if he is an MVP candidate.

Dwight Howard took a lot of heat last season, the Lakers had a nightmare season and Howard was one of the main targets of criticism for that brutal season. He was injured and played through it but the Lakers fans wouldn’t give him a break, he was forced to play in an offense that doesn’t utilize his skills, he was labelled a crybaby and wasn’t treated like the best big man in the game by the coaching staff and Kobe Bryant whatsoever and because of this he was unhappy all season. It was sad, it was unfair, Dwight had EVERY reason to leave the Lakers and by leaving $30 million on the table he made that clear.

The craziest thing about the short lived Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles is that despite being hurt all season, stuck in an unfair situation and horrible offense, the media making it look like Howard was having his worst year ever he was still the BEST BIG MAN in the game! Dwight Howard still lead the league in rebounds he still averaged 17.1 ppg(just 1 point below his career average), 12.4 rpg and 2.5 bpg. So think about it, Dwight Howard at his worst, beat up, a 2nd-3rd option, trapped in an offensive system and with Mike D’Antoni a coach that didn’t know how to utilize a dominant player like Howard was still the best Center in the game, still putting up those stats and still being a force. Imagine what he is about to do in Houston.

Dwight is coming back healthy, HUNGRY, motivated and HAPPIER than ever! He is at peace and is ready to be playing basketball in his element, have fun and dominate. He is being coached by one of the greatest big men ever Kevin McHale, he is being mentored and personally coached by Rockets Legend and former NBA Champion and MVP Hakeen Olajuwon. He will be ready to dominate next season and he knows he has to, paired with an unselfish superstar in James Harden and a team full of shooters Howard will have one of his best seasons yet.

GM Daryl Morey has done a great job in building a team that can contend for a championship, 2 years ago it looked like the Rockets were headed towards mediocrity in the NBA. The Western Conference is loaded next season, the OKC Thunder and Clippers will certainly come out better next year. The Spurs are the Spurs. Houston now has the roster, coaching staff, management and superstars to be a top 4 team in the West.

The Rockets will be a force next season,  offensively and now with the addition of Howard defensively as well, despite making such a big move they are still being overlooked! Don’t be surprised if the duo of James Harden and Dwight Howard takes this Rockets team to the NBA Finals next season.

By: Ekam Nagra

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