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Ball Don’t Stop League Rules

                                                                    Official Ball Don’t Stop Basketball League Rules and Regulations

Please review the waiver/release form you signed, understand that you have agreed to follow the code of conduct, and are aware of the associated risks outlined in our waiver form. There is absolutely NO drugs, alcohol and meat allowed in Khalsa School, if you come to the game intoxicated you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to play again. Please respect the facility, staff and referee.

Roster Additions Deadline:

December 1st, 2013 is the deadline to add a player to your roster. The amount of players on your team by December 1st, 2013, is final. You will not be                permitted to   add more players to your roster after this date. Please ensure you have at least 6 players on your roster.


 Drop In Rule:

 A player is only aloud to drop in one time in the season, the drop in fee is $10. If the player returns for another game, he must pay the full registration fee. Players can only drop in during the regular season. The deadline for a drop in player is December.21, 2013.

Game Time:

You must have 5 players present at the game no later than 15 minutes past the scheduled game time, otherwise your team will automatically forfeit the match.

In Game Rules:

Clock:  Games will be played with two twenty minute halves, there will be a running clock. However, if a game is within ten points in the final 5 minutes of                    the game, than there will be stop-time.

The team that loses the jump ball at the start of the game will regain possession at the start of the second half.

Fouls – Individual and team fouls will be tracked and recorded. Individual players will be given 6 fouls per game. Bonus shot (one in one) will be given after                  the 8th fouls in each half. In the playoffs a team is given 3 time outs per half.

Substitutions – Players must check in at the scores table before substituting into a game, if a player enters the game without checking in at the scorers                          table, the team will receive a technical foul.

Half-Time: There will be a five minute intermission at half-time.

Time-outs – Two 45 second time-outs in the first half. Two 45 seconds time-outs in the second half.

8 Second Rule–  The offensive team with the ball must cross their front court half within 8 seconds of their ball possession.

Shot Clock– Referee will determine when a shot clock is put in to play and there will eventually be a 10 second countdown.

Overtime – The length of the overtime will  be five minutes long, with one time-out allowed.


Playoff Rules:

  • Eight teams will make the Playoffs.
  • At the end of the regular season, in the event of a tie in a seeding position, we will determine who gets the higher seed based off the head to head match ups between the two teams in the regular season, who ever won more games between the two teams will take the higher seed. In case the teams split the season series, we will than have to look  at who scored more points.



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