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Back to Back! Stephen Curry is The 2016 NBA MVP

The Golden State Warriors will begin the second half of their season on Friday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. But, history has already been made. Their leader, Stephen Curry, doesn’t have to play another game this season and he’d still win the 2016 NBA MVP award, unanimously. We usually write this piece in April, but it’s never been this much of a lock. As a matter of fact, Steph had this MVP locked up since late December.

Photo via AP Images

Photo via AP Images

His Warriors are on pace to be the greatest team in NBA history. The way they’ve been playing it doesn’t look like they’ll lose more than six games out of the next thirty. Wardell has already cemented himself as a top 50 player of all-time.

By the end of the season, the best shooter of all-time will have more MVP awards than Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson. He’s also in great position to win a second NBA title. Last week Spurs coach Gregg Popovich threw in the white towel when asked how you defend this team. That’s scary for the rest of the league.

His 29.9 points per game are the most a point guard has averaged in a season since A.I. put up 33 a night back in 05-06. Curry is shooting 51 percent from the field and playing just 33 minutes a night. That is insane efficiency for a guard who relies on his jump shot.

We haven’t seen anything like this before. Curry had a 53, 9 and 4 game against the Pelicans on 63 percent shooting from the field, in just 35 minutes.

He lit up his pops old squad, the Hornets, for 28 points in the third quarter back in December and finished with 40 through three. This past month he had a near 40-point triple-double against the Pacers as he put up 39 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds in 36 minutes. He’s hit filthy shot after filthy after filthy shot throughout the season.

He hung 51 points on the Wizards earlier this month which included seven 3-pointers in the first quarter and eleven in total. At one point it looked like he would’ve dropped 70, which would be the second most since Kobe’s 81. If anyone can hit that mark, it’s Steph.

We asked him which one of his crazy shots from the season was his favorite this past weekend in Toronto, and dude literally blanked out. He’s hit so many that we have to go back on YouTube just to remember.

His defense which was once considered a weakness is now one of his strengths. The deceptively quick guard is averaging 2.1 steals per game, which is good for fifth in the league.

Nobody has seen anything like this before. NBA legends are amazed by his abilities, a pool of point guards which was once considered better than him are now humbled by his presence as he stands out as the lone king at his position. A 6-8, 250 lb. LeBron James has no answer for his wrath. There is not a defender in the league who has been able to stop, let alone contain him.

Watch him do what he does, in the manner that he does it. He’s chilling. He knows he’s that damn good and that nobody can really stop him from doing what he wants. We see it all the time, the opposing players and especially the stars, look defeated as ever as he floats around the court like a butterfly in some of the most intense moments in basketball.

He is the best player in the world. He has the accolades to match these statements and he’s only getting started. He is the most skilled point guard in NBA history, and Steve Nash agrees. Though his quickness is actually very underrated, Curry is still dominating the league and torching teams mainly off of his skill.

Who would’ve thought a 6-foot-3, 185 pound guard would be the most unstoppable force in the most athletic era in NBA history. In a day and age which players are gifted with monster vertical leaps, quickness, strength and length, Curry had to build himself up through strict strength training and conditioning in the offseason just so he can meet the NBA superstar athleticism prerequisite and be able to rely on his skills.

He’s a lot stronger than he once was, he’s a lot faster and smarter than he once was. He’s built himself up so that he can continue slaying teams with his jumper, handle and vision. Steph Curry IS basketball. He’s making shooting with good form, working on your handle and overall fundamentals cool again. His pregame handle routine which he’s been doing for years is now a phenomenon.

His game as pure as it gets. When it comes to eye test, he’s up there with all the greats as one of the best ever. Watching Steph Curry playing basketball is like watching Michael Jackson perform, it’s like watching Leonardo Da Vinci paint. It’s a beautiful piece of art. This is how basketball was always supposed to be.

This is the greatest show in sports.

Be sure to appreciate what you are witnessing over these next thirty games. It’s the closest thing to perfect we have seen since Michael. Kids nowadays want be like Curry, the same way kids once wanted to be like Mike.

Steph is in position to win multiple championships and multiple MVP’s. But his performance in 2015-16 season will always be considered one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history, even if he sat out for the remainder of it.

For now he is the back-to-back MVP, the new face of the NBA and the new holder of the title of best basketball player in the world.

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