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AUDIO: Damian Lillard Compares Silencing Athlete Protests To Slavery

Damian Lillard is one of the realist players in the NBA. This guy has always been well-spoken and very authentic with whatever he says. On a ‘Think Out Loud’ segment with Dave Miller, Lillard compared the silencing of pro athletes to slavery. Dame is not too happy about how the league is okay with players expressing how the feel about social injustice and racism off the court, but not when they are on the court.

“Looking at it now, how they just want us to go out and play basketball and you know, ‘put that jersey on and be proud’ and ‘don’t represent anything,’ ‘don’t stand for anything,’ ‘don’t have an opinion, just be respectful’ and ‘go out there and play for me’—it makes me think about kind of the way it was with slavery, when it was, they want the young, strong and you know, ‘His arms are long and he’s got big calves.’ It reminds me of that,”

“They want us to go out and do what we’re built to do. We’re good athletes; we’re physically strong; we’re very capable…They don’t want to know what we think; they don’t care how we feel about something. It’s just ‘Go out there and do what your job is.’”

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