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Allen Iverson Wins Game Changer Award at BET Players Awards

Allen Iverson stole the show at the first ever BET Players Awards. The icon was honoured with the Game Changer Award and he gave one hell of an acceptance speech. As always, Iverson was authentic and himself on the mic. All the players and fans in attendance were listening to every single word he spoke.

This was an award show in which the players got to pick the winners, so it was obviously a cool feeling for Allen to realize how much the players that came after him respect his contributions to the game.

Though he took a beating for it during his career, these past few years the basketball world has shown so much love and admiration for Iverson. All the NBA players we speak to have the utmost respect for Allen, most of them refer to him as pound for pound the greatest player to ever play the game. On the court he is one of the greatest to ever do it and off the court he is arguably the most respected and influential athlete of his time. It’s no surprise that he won this award.

This man is as real as it gets, you can truly feel the authenticity in his speech. He did it his way and inspired a generation, now that generation makes sure his name lives forever. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We sat down with Allen a few months ago and were able to show the world a side of him that many people out there didn’t know existed.

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