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Allen Iverson Talks Kobe Bryant’s Comeback & Kevin Durant’s Legacy

The recently retired and future hall of famer, Allen Iverson discussed Kobe Bryant’s return and Kevin Durant’s legacy. We caught up with Iverson ¬†last month at his retirement and he was praising Kobe quite a lot, there is a mutual respect between the two players.

Kobe and Iverson came into the NBA in the same draft, they are the two greatest scorers of their time and the two have a killer mentality and toughness that is unmatched, it is what made them so great, both these dudes were ready to go on 1 on 5 and they honestly believed in their heart that they could win.

Iverson knows this Achilles tear is nothing to Bryant, he will play till he can’t walk anymore. He understands Kobe like very few can and ever could. Iverson also says that Durant will be remembered as one of the greatest players ever, no matter what.


“Hell yeah, he going to be Kobe, you don’t have to worry about Kobe Bryant…that killer is in him”

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