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Allen Iverson: “I’m The Biggest Russell Westbrook Fan”

Russell Westbrook is arguably the best player on the planet right now, and though he is bigger in size, he is probably the closest thing we’ve seen to a prime Allen Iverson.

Westbrook, like Iverson, is in attack mode all game long, he won’t back down from anybody, and he has the ability to put a team on his back.

As far as a killer mentality goes, Westbrook, just like A.I., will lay it all out on the floor. He is the ultimate competitor. In an era where most stars seem more laid back and friendly, Russ is the total opposite.

Westbrook has a burning desire to be the best player on the floor every night and Iverson can relate to this more than anyone. Last night, The Answer expressed his admiration for Westbrook’s game.

That’s now two legendary guards (Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson) from the 90’s and 00’s that Westbrook has gotten major love from, and both those guys share many of the same traits as the explosive guard.

Check out this throwback moment to Iverson hitting a game-winning runner over a rookie Westbrook back in 2009.

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