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Adidas Told James Harden to Stop Wearing Air Jordan’s

Adidas’s $200 million man James Harden is under some fire for rocking Air Jordan’s. The Beard was spotted leaving a movie theatre with his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian in a pair of Air Jordan V’s and Adidas did not like it at all.

According to TMZ, Adidas president gave Harden a reminder that he can only wear the three stripes, even off the court. They made sure that was apart of the deal.

Harden’s deal kicks in on October 1st. Adidas will have Harden sport their lifestyle sneakers when he is off the court. Via TMZ:

James Harden went and bit the hand that’s feeding him $200 million — and now Adidas is pissed.

TMZ Sports broke the story … Harden was spotted wearing Nike Air Jordans as he left a movie theater with GF Khloe Kardashian — even though he just signed that sweet deal to endorse Adidas.

Make no mistake … Adidas expects a change. The company’s North American pres told ESPN, Harden wearing their brand off the court as well is “part of the deal.”

The Beard’s deal kicks in on Oct. 1 … so he’s got 15 more days to enjoy his Jordans. After that, he better hide those suckers away for 13 years.

This sounds like Harden’s warning. The next time might cost him dearly.

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