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Adam Silver Says NBA Will Look Into The Science Behind Medical Marijuana

Adam Silver revealed that the NBA will be looking into the science behind medical marijuana, similar to the way the NFL is. There is strong proof that suggests cannabis is a much cleaner and quicker route to recovery for athletes. As weed legalization spreads across North America, there is a strong chance that it could be legalized in professional sports. Transcript via Reddit:

We saw the NFL suggesting players could inhale or smoke cannabis. With the NBA’s very liberal stance on many other matters, would you think it’s possible that the NBA would legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes?

“I would say it’s something we will look at,” Silver said. ” I’m very interested in the science when it comes to medical marijuana. My personal view is that it should be regulated in the same way that other medications are if the plan is to use it for pain management. And it’s something that needs to be discussed with our Players Association, but to the extent that science demonstrates that there are effective uses for medical reasons, we’ll be open to it. Hopefully there’s not as much pain involved in our sport as some others, so there’s not as much need for it.”

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