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Adam Silver Looking Into Changing NBA Playoff Format

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver revealed this week that he is seriously looking at changing the NBA Playoff format. The main reason for the change being that the 16 best teams don’t always make the postseason.

If the playoffs were to start today the 21-28 Miami Heat would be in and the 26-23 Pelicans would be left out. The Eastern Conference hasn’t been nearly as good as the West in the past decade and Silver realizes that the product may be taking a hit. Via ProBasketballTalk.

“Ultimately we want to see your best teams in the playoffs. And there is an unbalance and a certain unfairness. There is a proposal (from one of the broadcasters)… where the division winners would all automatically go into the playoffs and then you’d seed the next 10 best teams. I think that’s the kind of proposal we need to look at. There are travel issues of course, but in this day in age every team of course has their own plane, travels charter. I don’t think the discussion should end there. And as I’ve said, my first year I was studying a lot of these issues and year 2 is time to take action. It’s something I’m going to look at closely with the competition committee. I do think it’s an area where we need to make a change.”

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