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Kobe Bryant Says He Would Kneel During The National Anthem If He Was Still Playing

The NBA has passed a memo to remind players that they must stand for the national anthem before games. However, there is no telling when the season tips off if all the players will be silenced. Kobe Bryant, a man who always expressed how he felt during his career, was asked what what he would do during the anthem if he was still playing in the league today and he simply responded “kneel”. He also had a message for Donald Trump, stating that he would tell him to “focus on serving, not leading”. You can hear everything at the 1:05:50 mark on the The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Award Chatters’ podcast at this link.

“If you were still in the league and had a game tonight…and it came time for the national anthem to be played, what would you do?”

Kobe: “Kneel”

“If you could speak directly to president Donald Trump right now what would you say to him?”

Kobe: “Focus on serving, not leading”

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